The Best Romance Novels For Her

When romance is in the air, it can easily set the mood for a wonderful outing. Gifts can show one’s affections and feelings toward the other. What better gift than one that can make more of a romantic mood. Romance novels can do just that, helping your significant other see the fun and drama in another relationship through the pages of a book. They will feel great knowing that you provided such a thrilling gift. Here are some great romantic novels that are sure to excite your significant other.


curvyTake a journey into a romantic twist that will have her on the edge of her seat. This novel travels into a world of obsession and love that will keep your loved one interested from page turn to page turn. The book follows Cali Carr and Flynn Long as they embark on a twisted reality that sparks intense feelings. Cali Carr has had a long full-figured modeling career but when she takes on one of her last jobs she feels strange. Flynn Long sees her and instantly seems to fall in love. Is there such thing as love at first sight though? Or is it lust? You and your partner can find out as this man falls for her curves and her feel, in Curvy.


Ghost Gifts

ghost giftsIf your lover wants a story with an interesting back story and a deep passion that ignites, this may be for her. This novel takes on a different approach with a woman who has a hidden gift. Aubrey Ellis can hear the dead and wants to have a normal life for once. Thanks to her ability her marriage was ruined. When she gets assigned to a story about a murder that happened a year ago she then investigates into a deep dark world that she does not know what to expect at every corner. She discovers a young woman’s skeletal remains and because of this, crosses paths with Levi St John. She joins the continuation of the investigation, knowing that she might come into contact with the deceased woman. While this investigation happens and she reveals dark, twisted facts, a passion is created, making her life that much more complicated.

Me Before You

me before youThis story can be relatable and shows how two individuals can meet, and sparks can fly without them ever having anything in common. Unlike the story above, Louisa Clark has an ordinary life. She has a close-knit family and steady boyfriend. She takes on a job working for Will Traynor, who suffered injuries from an accident that has caused him to be wheelchair bound. Before this tragic accident, he was outgoing, traveled and participated in various extreme sports. Louisa sees that he is moody and bossy, but doesn’t let this phase her. Knowing his situation, she sets a goal to show him that life is worth living. This love novel travels deep to the rushing question of what true love really is; exploring the world of two people who didn’t have common goals.


What is love? A romantic novel can explore into this deeply, and the both of you can come to your own conclusion. Give her a gift of love with books. This present is truly a way to expand the mind and create new romantic moments.

The European Union: A Political Sociology reviewed in Political Studies Review Vol 2

european_union_200THE EUROPEAN UNION: a political sociology by Chris Rumford
Oxford: Blackwell, 2002. 320, £15.99, ISBN 0 631 22618 4
Readership: Advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, academic/research
Rating: ****
Reviewer: VASILIS MARGARAS(Loughborough University)

This book attempts an analysis of EU integration and EU policies through the prism of political sociology. In order to proceed with his basic aim, the author constructs a new notion of political sociology that overcomes
national boundaries and can be applied to the EU. This is achieved through a process of incorporation of social theory and new sociology elements into his theory. Issues affecting the nature of identity, modernity and globalisation are also integrated into a vibrant text that questions current assumptions concerning EU integration. The book analyses the impact of globalisation on the EU, as well as issues concerning the present and future European state, European society and democracy. Issues of core-periphery relations, as well as the link between unemployment, social exclusion and citizenship, are also taken into consideration. In addition, EU policies such as cohesion policy and enlargement are analysed in depth.

The book offers an alternative approach to the study of the EU from a sociological perspective, as the author manages to challenge basic assumptions about the nature of the EU and the integration process by using new theoretical appro-aches and useful examples. He also sets the debate within a globalisation context, which gives further credits to his arguments and makes his study even more up to date, cohesive and relevant to those who wish to obtain a holistic approach to European issues. His closing remarks about the existence of multiplicity of Europe(s) suggests that the EU is only one player at the European level and that many other networks and transnational social spaces interact amongst themselves, thus making the mosaic of Europe an even more complicated one.

“Cosmopolitanism and Europe” conference. Royal Holloway, University of London

conference_poster_smallPlenary speakers: Ash Amin, Gerard Delanty, Eleonore Kofman, Ben Rosamond, Paul Statham, Nick Stevenson.

Other participants include: Barrie Axford, Daniele Archibugi, Larry Backer, Robert Fine, Andrew Geddes, Peter A. Kraus, Luke Martell, Maurice Roche.

In studies of the EU, discussion of cosmopolitanism is usually limited to questions of democracy and citizenship. In recent times, there has been a wider interest in cosmopolitanism in relation to civil society, the public sphere, EU polity, European identity, migration, transnational space, and multiculturalism. Indeed, cosmopolitanism is becoming a key concept for understanding social and political transformation in the contemporary context, offering an alternative way of conceptualizing community and belonging that does not rely upon the primacy of the nation-state.

The conference aims to promote greater interdisciplinary in EU studies and to generate a dialogue between EU studies and European studies. To this end the conference will explore the key themes around which the “cosmopolitan agenda” in European studies is coalescing: Europeanization as a designation for the transformation of contemporary Europe; the complex relationship between globalization and the EU; the democratic potential of political contestation and claims-making in the “knowledge society”; and the cosmopolitan dimension to the self-identity of Europeans.

Main conference themes:
* Globalization: European experiences
* Rethinking Europe: Networks, territory, society
* Cosmopolitanism and cultural identity
* Citizenship and Democracy